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A look at the UAE's historical and enduring role in Yemen's civil war. 

With the recent annoucnment of a possible $23 billion sale of U.S. arms to the UAE, this brief examines the security partnership between the U.S. and Abu Dhabi, and the serious strategic and human rights concerns posed by the latest arms transfers

Ahead of the 37th ASEAN Member summit, this factsheet gives an overview of the U.S.'s deepening defense ties in Southeast Asia. 

Just one week After President Trump asserted that all U.S. troops in Afghanistan would be home by Christmas, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien has confirmed that at least 2,500 American soldiers will remain in Afghanistan into 2021. The contradictory information reflects divisions within the U.S. government regarding the timeframe and conditions of a U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan, and takes place amidst faltering peace talks between the Afghan central government and the Taliban. 

An overview of U.S. arms and defense ties with the GCC in the context of the Abraham Accords.