Welcome to SAM’s new data platform! This platform contains links to our four databases on Security Aid, Economic Aid, Arms Sales, and Security Trainees, which aim to provide the public with most comprehensive source of government data on U.S. support to foreign security forces worldwide. Within each database, one can view the data by:

· Dashboard: a series of interactive visualizations that provide a snap shot of key data points;

· Pivot Table: an interactive table that allows users to view data trends over years by recipient or program; and,

· Download: a .CSV file that gives users the ability to access the raw data.

Further down this page, one can access our specific country or program dashboards. The country dashboards include data from our four databases to provide an broad overview of U.S. assistance to the country. Please find more detailed information on our methodology in our User’s Guide. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us.

Recipients include individual countries, international organizations, and groups of countries such as "African Union" or "Global". Groups of countries exists when the U.S. government does not identify the specific recipient country.

A Program is a specific U.S. government funding account or authority created by Congress. For each program, Congress has created specific parameters for how the U.S. government may use the program. More information on U.S. security aid program parameters can be found here.

World Map - Security Assistance Monitor Data